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The Catoosa Citizens and Veterans Memorial honors all American patriots. The freedom wall stretches across the entire width of a football field in an arc shape that rises to the center where the American flag is. The capstone of the wall is engraved with the American pledge of allegiance and the words "IT STANDS" is right in the center of the wall where it symbolically turns into a black granite base for the American flag- a base that has the motto of the United States engraved on it- "IN GOD WE TRUST". The wall will have patriotic sayings engraved on it. The five military branches of service all have their flags at a "salute" of honor all focusing on the American flag. Their cannon-like bases contain lights that shine at night up the flag poles and on to illuminate the American flag which does not have a light of its own. The symbolism is that the country cannot survive if its military fails.  Name engraved bricks of two colors weave a pattern where the red indicates citizens and the gray indicates veterans- both of which are needed for national health and prosperity.  Landscaping includes a military berm, flowers, shrubs and seating. For education purposes a "timeline" walk of flush mounted memorial engravings will go around the "village green" which is a football field size space between this memorial and the civic center. This green will be the place of county gatherings and celebrations. This memorial forms the centerpiece for Benton Campus, its entry sign and campus flag.

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